About Athena

Athena Vangalis

Athena is a health and fitness professional located in Dallas, TX.


She has always been passionate about fitness and health. Starting at a young age with school sports (volleyball, basketball, track) and extracurricular activities such as obtaining her black belt in Tae Kwon Do, Athena was full force into sports until she, unfortunately, tore her right ACL, twice!


This repetitive injury was a huge mental challenge and difficult time in her life. She thought she would never be able to be active again!


The knee rehabilitation process led to Athena’s interest in studying more about the human anatomy. The studies graduated into her B.S. of Kinesiology, Pre-physical Therapy degree from Texas Woman’s University and also certification in personal training from The Cooper Institute. The achievements created a passion in Athena to help others conquer unique fitness challenges and obstacles in life. In addition to her personal training certification, Athena also pursued certification from the International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA) in both Fitness and Sports Nutrition. Athena has witnessed many clients and friends bloom into their maximum potential with the combination of this knowledge and amazing work ethic.


Athena is passionate about helping individuals achieve their health & fitness goals and creating a healthy lifestyle. Working with a wide age-range and variety of people, Athena holds the confidence and skill set to help you achieve your personal health & fitness goals.


Athena is CPR/First Aid/AED certified through the American Heart Association for Heartsaver First Aid Program.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1: Where are you located?
2: How does my relationship with you work?
3: What is your goal?
4: What information do I need to provide prior to receiving coaching from you?
5: After I submit all information, how long will it take to receive a plan from you?
6: What if I have questions about my plan?
7: How often will my plan be revisited or updated?
8: Can I access the program anywhere?
9: Do you recommend supplements in my program?
10: I am not interested in losing weight. Do you work with people who want to gain weight/muscle or just aim to have a healthy lifestyle?
11: Do I need to workout every single day?
12: Do you have online training plans or train in person?
13: I would like to compete in a bikini competition. Would you be able to coach me?