I am with the many who have struggled losing weight. I myself have been in the fitness industry for 5 years, but always struggled with hitting my personal goals. After my first consultation with Athena, I knew that I wanted to work with her. She is extremely smart and seemed to care just as much about me hitting my personal goals.


After 8 weeks on her program my body had completely transformed! I lost 16lbs and over 10% body fat!!!!


Anyone can write you a meal plan – with Athena it was most definitely the support and guidance she brought that lead to my success. She held me accountable every week and when I had my slip ups (like most of us do), she was right there to get me back on track. I was blown away by her knowledge and passion for training & nutrition and learned SO much along the way!!!


I have never looked better after working with her and more importantly have never felt better about myself.


I am so thankful that I met Athena, and would never go to anyone else for my nutrition! If you want results and want to work with someone who really cares, Athena is your gal!


I’ve struggled and researched for years on what type of foods I should be eating for my height and body goals. I explained to Athena my goal was to lean out but keep a toned fit look. In the past, I would lean out but look “skinny” and lose my muscle.


I was tired of wasting my time and not getting results.


Athena’s plans are not a generalized one size fits all. She designed a training guide and meal plan customized for me. I loved the fact that she incorporated foods on my plan that I liked, which has truly helped me stay on track. The most unique element that sold me on working with Athena was her weekly check-ins. She provides accountability, by asking you to send front, back and side shots of you in your bikini. Not only did this motivate me to want to eat well throughout the week, it was rewarding to have guaranteed progress photos of my hard work.  My waist has never been this small, and I must say, I love it!


In February, I reached out to Athena after a group fitness class (OTF) reporting, “I got this going to class thing down but my eating is out of control.” Athena then told me about her passion for nutrition and helping others. At that time, my diet consisted of frequent trips to Chick-Fil-A, and “perceived healthy eating” with the “bad” outweighing the “good.” It was eye opening to write down what I had eaten for 5 days. I knew I needed help and accountability at that point. Athena soon got me on a nutrition regimen and I have not looked back.


To date, I’ve lost 20 pounds, but more importantly have gained confidence, knowledge, energy, and happiness.


She has taught me how to eat according to my lifestyle and goals (i.e. time of day, portions, etc). She will empower you with the tools–it’s up to you then to put in the work! I also have had the privilege to train 1:1 with Athena.  I have gained muscle and am starting to see muscle definition I haven’t seen since high school (12+ years ago).  Athena is a master of what she does-she is very knowledgeable, incredibly caring and always has positive energy! Thanks Athena for always believing in me!  Because of the cleaner eating and fitness regimen, I have never been happier.  My co-workers call me the ‘’energizer bunny.” Don’t wait–you owe it to yourself to work with Athena! You will not regret it!


25 lbs down after 4 months working with Athena!  Her customized plans are simple to follow will keep you full and not feeling deprived.  While I’ve dropped a significant amount of weight I’ve also gained a lot of lean muscle while losing the body fat.  The plan developed for me has been flexible based on some of my food preferences and it allows me flexibility to move meals around since being in IT sales my schedule varies day to day.  Athena is very supportive throughout the week, will check on you to see how the plan is going, your energy levels and provide motivating encouragement and advice.  She does all of the thinking for you as far as what you need to eat. 


Her plan will give you weight loss success – you just have to put in the work to follow it. 


I’m excited to tackle my next weight loss milestone and wouldn’t do it with anyone but Athena!